Hear No Evil? Liability for Hearing Disorder or Hearing Loss Injuries


Hearing Disorder or Loss Liability Risks
Almost 50 million people in the U.S., including one in five teenagers, suffer from hearing loss, and the number is growing at an alarming rate. Noise exposure, aging, heredity, and illness are among the factors that most commonly lead to hearing loss.

Societal costs for persons affected by a hearing disorder or a hearing loss run into the billions of dollars.

Hearing disorders and hearing loss can lead to litigation, often involving claims for medical malpractice. Other types of litigation, including claims against employers for workers compensation or claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act, also frequently arise. Large awards and settlements in litigation related to hearing disorders or hearing loss have resulted.

Attorneys, physicians, insurers, employers, and other potential parties to litigation should be aware of the types of lawsuits and other liability issues that may arise in connection with injuries related to hearing disorders or hearing loss.