Employee’s Seizure at Work Held Compensable Injury

An employee’s injury sustained when he suffered an idiopathic seizure at work, fell, and struck his head on the cement floor was compensable. The claimant, a baker, sustained a severe closed head injury, an intraparenchymal bleed, and a basilar skull fracture. He underwent emergency surgery, and was hospitalized for 25 days, after which time he continued to experience headaches, dizziness, and mild cognitive impairment. Even though the employer denied liability for the injury, claiming that the employee had a preexisting seizure disorder that was unrelated to his employment, the court held the baker was injured while he was performing work duties for the benefit of his employer, a bakery, and he hit his head on the floor of the work area provided for him by his employer. See: Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant v. W.C.A.B. (Orrala), 2011 WL 6967609 (Cal.App. 5 Dist. Dec 21, 2011), writ denied (not designated for publication).