Popular Nestle Frozen Foods May Contain Glass

On March 10, 2016, Nestlé USA recalled a number of DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine, and Stouffer’s products due to the potential presence of glass pieces. Nestlé USA is recalling these products because they may contain small pieces of glass that may cause injury. Although the investigation is ongoing, the company believes the source of the glass is spinach that was an ingredient common to the products subject to this recall. Nestlé USA is taking this action out of an abundance of caution after several consumers reported that they had found small pieces of glass in some of these products.


The list of frozen food items impacted by the recall is extensive, including about three million frozen food items. It contains four different types of DiGiorno frozen pizzas, a total of five different varieties of Lean Cuisine frozen meals, Stouffer’s lasagnas, and Stouffer’s soufflé products.


The recall is limited to particular production codes. To locate the production code, consumers should look on the side panel of the package. No other production codes, sizes or varieties of DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine or Stouffer’s products are affected by this recall.


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