Inaccurate Thermometer Display Prompts National Recall

On November 12, 2015, Bestmed, LLC, a medical device distributor, initiated a nationwide recall of the Digital Temple Thermometer Model No. KD-2201 manufactured by K-Jump Health Co., Ltd, featuring lot numbers S/N: 3612 through S/N: 3715, which were sold between October 2012 until the start of the recall in November 2015.


Some Digital Temple Thermometers contain a manufacturing problem causing the affected thermometers to display temperatures that are inaccurate and lower than actual body temperatures, which potentially may cause the user or caregiver of the user to delay or forego seeking appropriate care (generally an over-the-counter fever reduction medication) or receive more care than appropriate, when relying solely on the temperature display on the thermometer.


The Digital Temple Thermometer is a hand-held thermometer and can be identified by the DTT™ logo on the face. The back of the thermometer has a label with the KD-2201 designation. The slash-mark (/) is not part of the model number. The lot number may be found on the bottom of the back label, immediately after the designation “S/N.” Bestmed voluntarily initiated the recall after becoming aware of the inaccurate temperature readings by the Digital Temple Thermometer, and confirming the source of the performance problem with the manufacturer, K-Jump Health Co., Ltd.


The Digital Temple Thermometer was distributed throughout the United States for direct sale and resale through consumer retail stores, and through consumer retail stores in Canada under the following packaging labels which include Target, Safeway, Kroger, Best Choice, and Medline.


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