Injectable “Latex Free” Products Recall; May Contain Latex

On February 24, 2017, Advanced Pharma, Inc. d/b/a Avella of Houston recalled all unexpired sterile injectable products labeled “latex free” that were produced at Advanced Pharma, Inc.’s Houston location between September 1, 2016, and February 16, 2017, because the products may contain synthetic latex and/or natural latex.


Avella and Advanced Pharma have been unable to confirm with clarity whether its “latex free” label statements are accurate in all cases. The risk of potential adverse events related to a latex allergy, while rare, can range from local site reactions, including swelling and inflammation, to allergic reactions which could be life-threatening to users who are sensitive to latex.


The recalled products were distributed directly to healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and institutions, in 20 states.


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See also Medical Law Perspectives, May 2013 Report: Drugs, Dosage, and Damage: Physician Liability for Prescribing or Administering Medication