Nationwide Recall of Contaminated IV Antifungal Drug

On March 1, 2016, Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced the voluntary nationwide recall of one lot of its antifungal medicine, Fluconazole Injection, USP, (in 0.9% Sodium Chloride) 200mg per 100mL flexible container bag (NDC 25021-113-82) Lot 40608 manufactured by ACS Dobfar INFO S.A. and distributed by Sagent. This recall is due to the discovery of an out of specification impurity result detected during routine quality testing of stability samples at the 18-month interval. This impurity has been identified as Metronidazole (Flagyl). An elevated impurity has the potential to decrease effectiveness of the product in patients. Patients on the product and on concomitant medication of Metronidazole, an antibiotic, may receive an increased dose of Metronidazole.


The lot number being recalled is Lot 40608 which was distributed to hospitals, wholesalers and distributors nationwide from November 2014 through December 2014.


Fluconazole Injection, USP, 200mg per 100mL is indicated, for the treatment of Oropharyngeal and esophageal candidiasis, cryptococcal meningitis, and is supplied in 100mL and 200mL flexible container bags. Generally, it is used to treat a variety of fungal infections.


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See also Medical Risk Law, May 2013 Report: Drugs, Dosage, and Damage: Physician Liability for Prescribing or Administering Medication