Yogurt Recall Expands to 271 More Stores; Coliform Contamination

Organic yogurt maker Stonyfield extended its recall of YoBaby Peach/Pear yogurt in 4 oz. 6-pack cups with the code date June 05 2014 (UPC 052159701161). The recall now includes an additional 1,344 6-packs shipped to 271 more stores, mostly Safeway and Fred Meyer stores, in the following states: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Northern California.


Like the 188 6-packs recalled in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast on April 25th, there is a possibility that some of these yogurts may be contaminated with the coliform Klebsiella pneumoniae. According to the FDA: “These bacteria are often found in healthy people and often don’t cause illness if they contaminate food and are eaten – but sometimes they do, although it’s not completely clear how or why. Whether or not they cause illness also may depend on the people who eat them – their health, their own genetic make-up, and/or how much of the bacteria they eat. The illness these bacteria cause if they contaminate food is gastroenteritis – watery diarrhea and other symptoms that may include nausea, vomiting, cramps, pain, fever, and chills.”


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See also Medical Law Perspectives, July 2012 Report: Foodborne Illness: When Grabbing a Bite Can Be Deadly