Employee's Injury When Attempting to Stop Car from Rolling Away Was Compensable

A workers' compensation claimant could receive benefits for an injury received when she attempted to stop her car that was rolling away while the claimant was in the process of opening a gate at her place of employment. The court found this was not a deviation from the employment that would bar compensation. The claimant injured her foot during the attempt to stop her car and even though the car belonged to the claimant rather than the employer, one of the claimant's duties was to unlock and open the gates leading to the school parking lot before other employees arrived each morning. To open the gate, he claimant was required to be on a sloped driveway, and the injury occurred while performing those duties. See: Stokes v. Coweta County Bd. of Educ., 2011 WL 75642 (Ga.App. Jan 11, 2012) (not designated for publication).